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September 14th, 2009 von admin


European Commission divides South Eastern Europe

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We note with great concern the current policy for South Eastern Europe of the European Commission. The visa policy for the successor states of the former Yugoslavia risks to create two classes of citizens in South Eastern Europe, based on ethnicity.

We welcome the fact that the EU is engaged in a process which will lead to visa free travel for Western Balkan countries. We note with concern that Kosovo has been left out of this process so far. We regret that Bosnia and Herzegovina, once ahead of their Western Balkan neighbours in this regard, has not yet fully met the required standards. So citizens of Bosnia and Hercegovina may be denied visa free travel which probably will be granted to citizens of Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia as of 1 January 2010. But the European Union should not have any excuse to exclude the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the freedom of travel. We note that it is still possible for Bosnia and Herzegovina to meet the technical conditions before the end of the year. We urge the responsible authorities to undertake all efforts to make this happen and we call upon the EU to take all steps necessary to facilitate and enable this. The European Commission should not ignore the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montegero are almost at the same level with regard to the introduction of biometric passports and a variety of legislative acts agreed on the visa liberalisation road map.

The recommendation on the visa-liberalization is fueling tensions within the fragile post-war societies as the plans of the Commission will formalise ethnic divisions and provide them with dubious legitimacy. A part of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina profits from this travel regime. Hundreds of thousands of Bosnian Croats have already enjoyed visa-free travel to the EU for a couple of years thanks to their Croatian (nonbiometric) passports. But the majority of the citizens experience degrading exclusion. There is a real danger that this practise of privilege and discrimination will intensify. A growing number of Bosnian Serbs and Kosovo Serbs could be able to visit the EU visa-free thanks to their second passport issued by the Republic of Serbia. Humiliating restrictions thus remain in place, for example, for the Bosniak people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. De facto, ethnic criteria and ethnic self-interpretation will decide on whether a citizen is able to visit the EU. In Bosnia and Herzegovina the European Commission is risking that the country’s passport will be considered worthless; thus undermining one of the rare symbols of the country’s unity and international identity.

This summer, 14 years ago, more than 8.000 Muslim boys and men were killed around Srebrenica. We believe the Commission acted both insensitve and showed poor political judgement to announce their recommendation within the painful days of private and public commemoration. Unless the above steps are taken, we fear that the EU will disadvantage Bosniak survivors and relatives of the killed in comparison to the hundreds of suspected perpetrators who committed crimes in Srebrenica and who continue to evade justice.

German post-war history reminds us how important the freedom of travel has been for the peaceful development of a society. With the change of the travel laws in the GDR on 9 November 1989 the wall came down. The East and the West of Europe were able to reunite. All citizens in South Eastern Europe have the same right to freedom of travel. A region still haunted by nationalism needs freedom of exchange of ideas and opinions and also the right to travel. It is not freedom that creates instability, but the suppression of freedom.

We note that all authorities of the Western Balkan states bear an important responsibility to meet EU standards. We urge the European Commission to include Bosnia and Herzegovina in its current proposal for visa liberalisation as of 1 January 2010, provided the country meets the few remaining benchmarks over the coming weeks. We also urge the European Commission to remain flexible to propose visa free travel to Albania as soon as possible and to immediately open a visa-dialogue with Kosovo.

The guiding vision of the visa liberalisation policy of the European Union is to bring South Eastern Europe closer to the EU and to promote European reconciliation and cooperation. In the next weeks, the European Commission, the European Parliament and especially the EU Ministers of the Interior have the choice between a visa policy that is uniting Europe or one that separates people on the basis of their ethnicity. Europe has the unique opportunity to make New Year 2010 a historical date in the history of European understanding!

Please sign this petition! (see below)


Dr. Wolfgang Petritsch, Ambassador, Former EU’s Special Envoy for Kosovo, Former High Representative to Bosnia and Hercegovina, Paris, France
Lord Paddy Ashdown, Former High Representative to Bosnia and Hercegovina, London, Great Britain
Dr. Christian Schwarz-Schilling,
Former High Representative to Bosnia and Hercegovina, Büdingen, Germany
Louise Arbour, President, International Crisis Group, Brussels
Alojz Peterle,
MEP, EPP, Former Prime Minister of Slovenia, Brussels
Hans Koschnick,
Former EU-Representative for Mostar, Bremen, Germany
Cem Özdemir, Chair/Bundesvorsitzender, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Stuttgart/Berlin, Germany
Marieluise Beck, MdB, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Bremen/Berlin
Doris Pack, MEP, CDU/EPP, Chair, Delegation to South Eastern Europe, Brussels
Rebecca Harms, MEP, Chair, Greens/EFA, Brussels
Daniel Cohn-Bendit, MEP, Chair, Greens/EFA, Brussels
Bernd Posselt, MEP, CSU/EPP, Chair, Paneurope Union (Germany), Brussels
Ana Gomes
, MEP, S&D, Brussels
Dr. Angelica Schwall-Düren, MdB, SPD, Stellvertr. Fraktionsvorsitzende, Berlin
Dr. Gottfried Wagner, Director, European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tilman Zülch, Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker, Göttingen, Germany
Bärbel Bohley, Berlin, Germany
Sasa Stanisic, Writer, Berlin, Germany
Hans Christian Schmid, Film Director, Berlin, Germany
Jasmila Zbanic, Film Director, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bernd Lange, Screenwriter, Berlin, Germany
Christophe Solioz, Secretary General, Center for European Integration Strategies, Geneva, Switzerland
Peter Matjasic, Secretary General, Young European Federalists, Brussels
Rüdiger Ratsch-Heitmann, Schüler Helfen Leben, Berlin/ Pristina/Sarajevo
Nenad Popovic, Publisher, Zagreb, Croatia
Natasa Kandic, Humanitarian Law Center, Belgrade, Serbia
Veton Surroi, Publisher, Pristina, Kosovo
Bujar Bukoshi, Prime Minister a.D. (1991-1999), MP, Kosovo
Milka Tadic Mijovic, Weekly Monitor, Podgorica, Montenegro
Ulrike Lunacek, MEP, (Greens/EFA), EGP Co-Spokesperson, Brussels
Franziska Brandter, MEP (Greens/EFA), Brussels
Reinhard Bütikofer, MEP (Bureau Greens/EFA), Brussels
Michael Cramer, MEP (Greens/EFA), Brussels
Helene Flautre, MEP (Greens/EFA), Brussels
Sven Giegold, MEP, (Greens/EFA), Brussels
Jean Lambert, MEP, (Greens/EFA), Brussels
Heide Rühle, MEP, (Greens/EFA), Brussels
Raul i Romeva, MEP, (Greens/EFA), Brussels
Werner Schulz, MEP, (Greens/EFA), Brussels
Bart Staes, MEP, (Greens/EFA), Brussels
Prof. Dr. Sabrina P. Ramet,
Chair Political Science, The Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Trondheim, Norway
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schomburg, Former Judge at ICTY, Berlin, Germany
Prof. Dr. Ulf Brunnbauer, Director, South-East-Institute, Leipzig, Germany
Prof. Dr. Christoph Zürcher, Chair International Politics, Free University Berlin, Germany
Prof. Dr. Holm Sundhaussen, Free University Berlin, Germany
Prof. Dr. Sinisa Zrinscak, Chair of Social Policy, Zagreb, Croatia
Prof. Dr. Ivo Banac, President, Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Zagreb, Croatia
Prof. Dr. Mitja Velikonja, School of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Dr. Damir Arsenijevic, Tuzla University, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Agron Bajrami, Editor in chief, Koha Ditore Newspaper, Pristina, Kosovo
Ulrike Baur, Journalist and Filmmaker, Heidelberg, Deutschland
Zijad Becirovic, Director, International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies, Ljubljana, Slovenia 
Prof. Dr. Johan Behrens,
Universität Halle/Saale, Germany
Dr. Carl Bethke, Universität Leipzig, Germany
Amira Bieber, Dr. Benjamin Bieber, Forschungsgruppe Bosnien, Frankfurt, Germany
Prof. Dr. Dieter Bingen, Director, German Poland Institute, Darmstadt, Germany
Prof. Dr. Thomas Bremer, Chair Ecumenism and Peace Studies, University of Münster, Germany
Prof. Dr. Bojko Bucar, Director, International Relations Division, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tobias Bütow, Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa, Berlin, Germany
Jasna Causevic, Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker e.V., Göttingen, Germany
Jerzy Celichowski, Hungarian Europe Society, Budapest, Hungary
Dr. Carolin Emcke, Publicist, Berlin, Germany
Prof. Dr. Milica Antic Gaber, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Mirela Grünther-Decevic
, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina
Prof. Dr. Bernward Grünewald, University Cologne, Germany
Lutz Gude,
Bundessekretär, Junge Europäische Föderalisten, Berlin, Germany
Hermann Hardt,
Flüchtlingsrat Hamburg e.V., Hamburg, Germany
Tobias Heider,
Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
PD Dr. Andreas Heinemann-Grüder, Bonn International Centre for Conversion, Germany
Sören Herbst, City Counciler, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Magdeburg (Twin Town of Sarajevo), Germany
Dr. Marko A. Hoare, Kingston University, London, United Kingdom
Majda Idrizbegovic,
European University Institute, Florence, Italy
Prof. Dr. Miranda Jakisa, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
Dr. Mislav Jezic, Vice-President, Paneuropa-Union, Zagreb, Croatia
Dajana Jungmann
, Municipality, Friedrichshafen (Twin Town of Sarajevo), Germany
Klaus Kloth, Honorary Citizen of Sarajevo, Friedrichshafen, Germany
Prof. Ryszard W. Kluszczynski,
Chair of Department of Media and Audiovisual Culture, University of Lodz, Poland
PD Dr. Ernst Köhler, Universität Konstanz, Germany
Angela König
, EIRENE International, Director, Bonn, Germany
Jutta Noetzel, Pastor, Dome of Magdeburg, Magdeburg (Twin Town of Sarajevo), Germany
Armina Omerika, Universität Erfurt, Germany
Prof. Dr. Henning Ottmann, Chair Political Theory, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany
Marc-Oliver Pahl, Union of European Federalists, Düsseldorf, Germany
Dr. Kim Christian Priemel, Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
Erich Rathfelder, Journalist, die tageszeitung
Prof. Rudolf Rizman, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Oliver Rolofs, Hauptmann d.R., Germany
Antje Heider-Rottwilm, Dr. Martin Heider, Brücke-HafenCity, Hamburg Germany
Damir Saracevic, ZZI, Linz, Austria
Prof. Dr. Peter Scherber, Wien, Austria
Beate Seel,
taz, Ressortleitung Ausland, Berlin, Germany
Michael Schmitt, European Parliament, Brussels
Aida Vehabovic, Schüler Helfen Leben, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina
Walter Veirs, Regional Director, Charles Steward Mott Foundation, Great Britain
Reinhard Weißhuhn, Referent für Außenpolitik, Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Barbara N. Wiesinger, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. Dr. Michael Wildt, Humboldt Universitaet, Berlin, Germany

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Nasic Haris, Friedrichshafen/Oberteuringen, Deutschland, Schüler

Sadija Klepo, Munich, Germany, Verbandsratmitglied des Paritätischen Bayern

Nazmi Qorri, Elbasan Albania, Albania, Dr Veterinar

Mirsada Hasanovic, Cleveland, United States of America, OCPM

Dr. Dieter Huettner, München, Deutschland, Rektor i.R.

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Muhamed Čučak, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

gianluca seramondi, bologna, Italia, Gianluca Seramondi

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Steve Rogers, Folkestone, United Kingdom, Medically Retired

Dominik D. Horneber, Berlin, Germany, Student

xxxxxxxx, , Germany, Übersetzerin/Dolmetscherin

Edina, Cazin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, lawyer

Belma Karabegovic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Safet Saljic-Safa, München, Deutschland, Mediengestaltung - Kameramann

Edin Omerbasic, Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Austria, ZZI

xxxxxxxx, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, network administrator

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina, Opcinski sud u Sarajevu

Darko Dujmovic,MSc, Zagreb, Croatia,

Dr Elisabeth Schauer, Konstanz, Germany, vivo international

xxxxxxxx, Prishtina, Kosovo,

Dino Z., Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Vodafone

Dzenana Rustempasic, Sarajevo, BiH, Profesor

Mrky, Tesanj, Tesanj, ....

Hans-Jörg Schmedes, Berlin, Germany,

Stian Fredrik Skalle, Oslo, Norway, NABP

xxxxxxxx, Phoenix, USA, company president

Ismet Kandzic, Seattle, USA,

xxxxxxxx, Ljubljana, Slovenia,

Fuad Memic, Lukavac, BiH, RTV Tuzlanskog kantona - Producent

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, B&H, Student

xxxxxxxx, essen, Deutschland, studentin

Vjosa, Prishtina, Kosovo,

Visar Kastrati, Prishtine, Republic of Kosova, CEC / ZD

Edina, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Senior civile servant

Alexander Kleibrink, Berlin, Germany, Free University Berlin

Bradic, Ismir, Trier, Deutschland, Universität Trier / Dozent

Nermina Fejzić, Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina,

xxxxxxxx, Köln, Deutschland, Künstler

Jean Lambert, London, UK, MEP

Peter Wittschorek, Berlin, Deutschland,

sandra pasic, sydney, australia, sandra pasic

xxxxxxxx, Karlsruhe, Germany, Art Crash Projecm Manager

Aida Corovic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and herzegovina, SOS Kinderdorf Int.

Alic Enes, München, Germany,

Svenja Liehr, Münster, Germany,

Martin Wilk, Berlin, Germany, Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen

Lena Kilkka Mann, Berlin, Germany, Kulturwissenschaftlerin

Farin Fakhari, Berlin, Germany, Publizistin

Prof.Dr.Hajo Hunke, Berlin, Germany, Freie Universität Berlin, Otto-Suhr-Institut für Politikwissenschaft

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, BiH,

Peer Alberts, Münster, Germany, Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen

Peter Alberts, Münster, Germany, Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen

Amela Hasanagic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Karl-Bolko Lesser, Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale, Deutschland, Patentanwalt

Garret Tankosic-Kelly, Sarajevo/Dublin, BiH/Ireland, Social Entrepeneur

emsa rujanac, toronto, canada,

Dr. Susan E. Penksa, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, Professor, Westmont College

Irhad Strika, Kakanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Student

xxxxxxxx, Graz, Austria,

xxxxxxxx, Vienna, Austria, student

Jasmina, Dublin, Ireland,

Tobias Balke, Berlin, Deutschland, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

Samir Valjevac, Reutlingen, Germany, Wessels + Müller AG

Admir Bijedic, Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Llumar window film B&H

xxxxxxxx, Stuttgart, Germany,

Emir Caplja, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Valerie Ceccherini, London, United Kingdom, Valerie Ceccherini

xxxxxxxx, Essen, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Muenchen, Deutschland, privat

Markus Hein, Cologne, Germany, Consultant

xxxxxxxx, St. Louis, Missouri,

xxxxxxxx, Kitchener, Ontario, CA, UN-interpreter

naza mazic, 51643 gummersbach, germany,

Belma Karacic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, OHR

adnan smajic, sarajevo, bosnien,

Mesut Öztürk, Siegen, Germand,

Quistorp Eva, Berlin, Germany, MEP a.D:

Goran Butorac, Rijeka, Croatia,

mirella sidro, augsburg, germany, journalist/freelancer

Helga Bahmer, Köln, BRD, Filmemacherin

Mira Veshi, München, Deutschald, Projektleiterin

Nevzad Rasljanin, Sarajevo, BiH, Web developer

Aldin Dokara, Konstanz, Germany, Universität Konstanz

xxxxxxxx, Krefeld, Deutschland, dipl. ped.

Prof. Marita Eastmond, Gothenburg, Sweden, University of Gothenburg

Aldin Kapetanovic, Antwerpen, Belgie, Student

Julian Stenmanns, Frankfurt, Germany,

Kanuric Elvedina, Neuss, Deutschland, EGU - Buchhaltung

xxxxxxxx, Düsseldorf, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Krefeld, Germany,

xxxxxxxx, Amsterdam, Netherlands, author

Sabine Noster, Hardegsen, Deutschland,

Irvin, Herat , Afghanistan,

xxxxxxxx, Aachen, Deutschland, Student

xxxxxxxx, Bos.Dubica/Graz, Bosnia and Herzegowina/Austria, Student

Jugoslav Jevdjic, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, OKC Banja Luka, Executive Director

Mario A. Sanchez, Como, Italy, Erasmus Mundus Masters Student

xxxxxxxx, Essen, Germany, privat

xxxxxxxx, Helsinki, Finland,

Selma Veseljevć, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tuzla University, Teaching Assistant

amela, Sarajevo, BiH, soc.radnica

Felix Pahl, Berlin, Deutschland,

Latifaj, Werdohl, Germany, Manager

Elma Obhođaš, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ombudsmen for Human Rigts BiH ,Economist

Obhođaš Asim, Sarajevo, BiH,

Vera Markovic, Belgrade, Rep. of Serbia,

Kamal Buraei, Belgrade, Serbia, Consultant, Nucl. Physics

Edim Hadziavdic, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, City of Rotterdam

Zenija Halilovic, St. Louis, USA,

Martin Kopetschke, Berlin, Deustchland, Bahnagentur Schoeneberg

Jerry G Geiger, Berlin, Germany,

Elun Gabriel, Canton, USA, Professor, St. Lawrence University

Andrej Ferdinand Novak, London, UK, EUSP Alumni (Europe) e.V., President

Bettina Mütze, Iserlohn, Deutschland,

Heiner Grunert, Leipzig, Deutschland, Student

Johannes Wolf, Paderborn, Germany, Pediatrician

Marco Schmolinske, Hamburg, Germany,

Negra Selimbegovic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Peter O\'Doherty, Groningen, Netherlands, Artist

Henning Sanftleben, Hamburg, Germany,

Amir Hadzeric, Cologne, Germany, Student

xxxxxxxx, Cologne, Germany,

Selma Cimic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Azemina Bruch, Berlin, Germany, Landschaftsarchitektin

Mucibabic Ljilja, Zürich, Schweiz,

Isabel Pfaff, Leipzig, Deutschland, Studentin

Evgenia, Irkutsk, Russland, Bundestagpraktikum

Edita Jung, Emden, Deutschland, Fachhochschule Emden/Leer, Professorin

Ajsa Hadzibegovic, Podgorica, Montenegro,

Detlev Jung, Barßel, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo/Bosnia, Bosnia,

sabina zahirovic, sarajevo, bosnia and herzegovina,

Dr. Elisabeth Wolf, Paderborn, Germany,

Vojislava, Smederevo, Serbia, Vojislava Mitrovic

Dr. Roc Parés, Barcelona, Catalunya, Professor Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Elisa Reuther, Ilmenau, Deutschland, Studentin der Südslawistik

Hana Samalikova, Prague, Czech republic, private tutor

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Auditor

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Alma Hadziabdic, Sarajevo, ,

Amela Cosovic, Sarajevo, BiH,

meike petersen, berlin, germany,

Peter Ahlhorn, Bremen, Deutschland, center for political beauty/ organization

Tarik Mustafic, Berlin, Germany, Research Assistant

Senad Agovic, Amsterdam, Netherlands, S &A D

Bujar, Tirana, Albania, Air Steward Albanian Airlines

Paul Schmitz, Hatten, Germany, Student

dina pasic, leicester, united kingdom , student

Jasna Prnjavorac, Washington, USA,

Milan Trifunović, Sarajevo, Bosna i Herecegovina,

Andjela Lalovic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Human Rights Centre University of Sarajevo, Research Projects Officer

Sakib Zalihic, München, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, Bosnien-Herzegowina, Übersetzerin

Samira BESIC, Berlin, Germany, composer/musician

Suada BESIC, Berlin, ,

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Deutschland,

Mehmedagic Emina, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, Teacher

Anne Kling, Berlin, Germany, student

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, KPMG BH, Supervisor

Alen, Sarajevo, Bosnia and herzegovina, ONASA, translator

Belma Hadzimahmutovic, Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Samir, Melbourne, Australia, DSG Interactive

Selma Mezetovic, Berlin, Germany, Lawyer

Slobodan Vulesevic, Trebinje, BiH,

Henrik Agren, Cologne, Germany,

Isabella Kurkowski, Sarajevo, BiH, Media expert Advisor

Frank Ader, Zirzow, Deutschland, Angestellter Lebensmittelindustrie

Berit Bliesemann de Guevara, Hamburg, Germany, Helmut Schmidt University, researcher

Menz, Christian, Passau, Germany,

xxxxxxxx, Varna, Bulgaria,

Gatzke, Berlin, Germany, Student

Besim Kadriu, Berlin, Deutschland, Freie Universität Berlin, Student

davor beganovic, konstanz, deutschland, universität konstanz

Dr. Thomas Bremer, Münster, Deuschland, Professor, Universität Münster

xxxxxxxx, Bremen, Germany,

Stephan Stach, Leipzig, Deutschland, Historiker, Universität Leipzig

xxxxxxxx, Regensburg, Deutschland, Student

Andree Klann, Siegen, Deutschland, Universität Siegen

Carolin Friebe, Marburg, Germany, Universität Marburg, Studentin

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Deutschland,

Judit Rožić, Stuttgart, Germany,

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Germany,

Jakub Schulz, Wien, Österreich, Student

xxxxxxxx, Wien , Österreich, Student an Uni Wien

Lejla Hasagic, Berlin, Deutschland, Übersetzerin

Katharina Gaber, Berlin, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Wien, Österreich , UNI Wien Studentin

ALEXANDER-PETER POPESCU, GRAZ, AUSTRIA, PhD-Candidate/Doctoral Student/researcher University of Graz

xxxxxxxx, Hamburg, Germany,

Bledar Milaqi, Aachen, Deutschland, Koordinator ausländischer Studierenden Vereine an der RWTH Aachen

adnan golub, Zenica, Bosna i Hercegovina,

Tobias Traut, Berlin, Germany,

Anne-Kathrin Will, Berlin, Germany, GIB, wiss. Mitarbeiterin

Maximilian Hartmuth, Istanbul, Turkey, Art historian

Arjan Prodani, Tirana, Albania, Newspaper SOT

Schult, Ulrike, Leipzig, Deutschland,

Barbara Martin, Berlin, Deutschland,

Felix Tietje, Berlin, Deutschland, JANUN e.V.

Johanna Heine, Mödling, Österreich,

Tilman Berger, Tübingen, Deutschland, Slavist

Melanie Gau, Wien, Austria,

Kristin Kupke, Halle/Saale, Germany, student of IKEAS (= Interkultural European and American Studies)

Prof. Dr. Peter Scherber, Wien, Österreich, Slavist, Übersetzer

Sokol Ormenaj, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Sokol Ormenaj

Velid Beganovic, Gracanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, student

Armanda Kodra Hysa, Tirana, Albania, Anthropologist

Sokol, Philadelphia, USA, Temple University, Community College of Philadelphia, DTI Technology, HIA & Council, Migration Service of Philadelphia, Committee of Seventy

xxxxxxxx, Vienna, Austria, Cultural Manager

Marina Zivkovic-Schmacke, Berlin, Deutschland, Student

xxxxxxxx, Vienna, Austria, Teacher

Michael Schmacke, Berlin, Deutschland, Animationsfilm Produzent

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Germany,

Dr. Jagoda Juric-Kappel, Vienna/Wien, Austria/Österreich, Universität Wien Lektorin

Ewa Dabrowska, Frankfurt (O), Germany,

Toni Matijasevic, London, United Kingdom,

Edvin Cami, Tirana, Albanien, \\"Aleksandër Moisiu\\" Universität - Durrës

xxxxxxxx, Plovdiv, Bulgarien,

Anja Schwarzer, Weimar, Germany, Kulturmanagement Network, Online-Redakteur

Sabina Kraj, Cracow, Poland, student

Diana Quirmbach, Bonn, Deutschland, Studentin

nolian seitaj, boves, italy, student

Mirsad Fajić, Banovići, Bosnia and Herzegovina, JU MSŠ Banovići

Jochen Aulbach, Berlin, Germany, BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN

Adéla Jureckova, Passau, Germany,

Hempel, Jena, Germany, Student

Markus Sonnleitner, Vienna, Austria, HEI, Engineer

Ira Kormannshaus, Berlin, D,

Rastislava Mirkovic, Berlin, Germany,

xxxxxxxx, Mödling, Österreich, Student, Göttingen, Deutschland,

besnik manushi, tirana, albania,

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Germany, Translator

Christiane Scheithauer, Leipzig, Deutschland,

Martin Schonauer, Leipzig, Deutschland,

Bettina Gerhardt, Krakau, Polen, MOPS, social worker

Katarzyna Templin, Kwidzyn, Poland, Student

Knoepffler Snezana, Berlin, Germany,

Ehnert, Franziska, Munich, Germany, student

Viola Schonauer, Erfurt, Deutschland, Stud.

Anna-Lena Mainka, Jena, Deutschland,

Jonathan House, Bristol, UK, European University Institute

Natasa Cebular, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Shoolbooks publisher

Benedikt Packmohr, Overath, Germany, Student

xxxxxxxx, Leipzig, Deutschland, Student Uni Leipzig

Alem Terzic, Frankfurt, Deutschland,

Dr. Jens Boysen, Leipzig, Deutschland, Historiker und Projektmanager

Florjan Haxhi, tirana, Albania, Flori

Merita Ndreko, tirana, Albania, Merita

Dionisi Nikolov, Wien, Österreich, WU Wien, Institut für Slawische Sprachen, wiss. Mitarbeiter

Christine Ruttnig, Vienna, Austria,

Lydia Koltaj, Vienna, Austria,

xxxxxxxx, Leipzig, Germany, Lecturer, University of Dubrovnik

Christian Geißler-Jagodzinski, Berlin, Germany, Teacher

Giovanna Larcinese, Lanciano, Italy, student

Clarissa Thieme, Berlin, Germany,

Bojidar Beremski, Munich, Germany, student, LMU

Mahir Sahinovic, Visoko, BiH, CIN, journalist

Michael Oleownik, Köln, Deutschland,

Charlotte Siegerstetter, München, Deutschland, Lektorin der Robert Bosch Stiftung, Albanien

Nihad Dardagan, Tuzla, Bosnien-Herzegowina, Babajic Möbel Company, Simin Han

Natalie Gavenor, Berlin, Germany,

flori ciftja, tirana, albania,

xxxxxxxx, Gummersbach, Deutschland, Diplom Sozialpädagigin

Mag. Fadmir Besirevic, Vienna, Austria, Austrian Academy of Science

Hannah Marquardt, Berlin, Germany,

Volker Bendig, Muenchen, Germany, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen

xxxxxxxx, berlin, germany, filmemacherin

Viola Gubo, Vienna, Austria,

Martina Lisa, Leipzig, Deutschland,

Vedran Vrazalic, Ljubljana, Slovenia, ADUT visual communications, manager

Sarah Jeske, Bremen, Deutschland, Universität Bremen, Studentin

Patricia Weykopf, Lohmar, Germany, Student

Katja Mrak, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Humanitas, project manager

Claus, Felicitas, Halle/Saale, Germany, STudent

Samir Hamzić, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Eko-Energetika, Menager

Christina Hirsch, Berlin, Germany, student

Delina Binaj, Berlin, Germany,

Alban, tirana, albania, alban

barbara wilding, wien, austria,

Oliver Janoschka, Barcelona, Spanien, Projektleiter EUCEN

xxxxxxxx, Chemnitz, Deutschland, Selbständig

Jelena Nikolic, Stuttgart, Deutschland,

Sonja Illa-Paschen, Vienna, Austria,

xxxxxxxx, sarajevo, BiH,

Romea Kliewer, Bochum, Deutschland, Bosch-Lektorin in Rijeka/HR

John Convey, New York City, NY, United States, Artist / Self employed

Mag. Almir Ibrisimovic, Wien, Oesterreich, Doktorand

clementina ferrario vogel, milano, italy,

Bianca Geburek, Berlin, Germany, student

Thomas Büttner, Potsdam, Germany,

Michael Hein, Leipzig, Germany, University of Greifswald, Research Assistant

Mojca Kirbis, Berlin, Germany,

Vahidin, , ,

Basalic Vahidin, Sarajevo, Bosnia,

Andrea Diana, Rome, Italy, Anthropologist

Angelika Beer, , Deutschland, Co chair EWIs parliamentarian network for conflictprevention

Jasmina Merdanovic, London, UK,

Armin Joha Hadzimusic, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar Youth Theatre / actor

Kevin Ripp, Chicago, IL, Usa, Writer/editor

Vedad Ribic, Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Fakultet Informacijskih Tehnologija

Holger-Michael ARNDT, Düsseldorf, Germany,

Peter von Philipsborn, London , United Kingdom, Student

xxxxxxxx, Halle/Saale, Deutschland, Student

Joshua Convey, New York, New York , USA,

Jasmina Begovic, Wien, Austria, Student

Jasmin Pipic, Zürich, Schweiz, Swisslife, Vorsorge-Finanzberater

Kerstin Lercher, Vienna, Austria, Sozialwissenschafterin

Elma, mostar, BiH, assistentin des buermeisterberaters

Alen Velagic, Wien, Österreich, Student der Politikwissenschaft, Uni Wien

ida, göteborg, sverige,

haris nakic, , Bosnien-Herzegowina,

Mara-Lisa Kuhlau, Jena, Deutschland, Studentin

bakic haris, wien, Österreich,

Anel Becirovic, Prozor-Rama, Bosna i Hercegovina, Student der Germanistik, 4. Studienjahr, Mostar

xxxxxxxx, Stuttgart, Germany,

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, Bosnia, Retired

xxxxxxxx, Castrop-Rauxel, Deutschland,

Anna Gruber, Vienna, Austria, Architektur

Dr. Karin Stalzer, Wien, Austria,

xxxxxxxx, Köln, Deutschland, Universität zu Köln, Doktorandin

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Deutschland,

Dragan Komadina, Sarajevo, BiH, ASu, Odsjek za dramaturgiju, asistent

Sanin Milavic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina,

Maja Arifhodzic, Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina, Fakultet humanistickih nauka, Mostar, Asistent njemacke knjizevnosti

xxxxxxxx, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Sociologist

banatlink, Timisoara, Romania, CDSR Timisoara

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Deutschland, Schauspielerin

Emmanuel Sanchez, Strasbourg, France, Youth policies counselor

xxxxxxxx, Oradea, Rumänien, Universität Oradea, Lektor/Forscher

Eva Klippenstein, , ,

Otto Klippenstein, Duesseldorf, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, NY, NY, USA,

Altin Goxhaj, Tirana, Albania, Represantive of Albanian Citizen Movement \\"ZGJOHU\\" (WAKE UP)

Janez Tunjic, Mostar, Bosna i Hercegovina, IT Leader

Manuela Hochmuth, Wien, Österreich,

Uwe Schützenmeister, Dresden, Germany, self-employed

Jan Landscheidt-Haas, Brussels, Belgium, GTZ Team Leader

Voelkl Sigrid Darinka, Innsbruck, Austria, Univ.Prof.

Lisa Schlegel, Leipzig, Deutschland, Student

Degenstein, Maria, Berlin, Student,

Edin A, Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina, ing

Emina Heljić-Tumbak, Mostar, Bosnien und Herzegowina, Studentin der Germanistik

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina,

Sabina, Graz, Austria, student

Tine Laufer, Berlin, Deutschland,

Edina Spago-Cumurija, Mostar, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Mostar University - Faculty of Humanities

Bianca Fischer, Remscheid, Deutschland, Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder- und Jugendbildung (BKJ)

Charles E. Renoult, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Pencak-silatdancer/Choreographer

Senad Hergic, Vienna, Austria, TV Okto, Programmkoordination

Maria Haider, Wien, Österreich, Uni Wien

Cristina Beretta, Klagenfurt , Österreich, Universität Klagenfurt, Institut für Slawistik, Assistentin

Maida Hajro, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Energoinvest/Director

Katharina Boss, Berlin, germany,

Magdalena Markiewicz, Szczecin, Poland , project manager

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Germany, Student

Juliane Mertsching, Berlin, Germany,

xxxxxxxx, Leipzig, Germany,

Vladimir Krusic, Zagreb, Croatia, Croatian Centre for Drama Education, Secretary

Hanna Miluska, Basel, Switzerland, Student

Tiina Fahrni, Berlin, Germany,

Christine Bertschi, Basel, Switzerland,

Juliana Kaulfürst, Dresden, Germany,

Helga Dieter, Frankfurt, Deutschland, Helga Dieter Aktion Ferien vom Krieg

Ursula Doleschal, Klagenfurt, Österreich, Alpen-Adria-Univ. Klagenfurt,

Amela Becirovic, Mostar, Bosna i Hercegovina,

Nadina Arnautovic, Frankfurt / Main, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Bern, Schweiz,

Erich Groesswang, Vienna, Austria,

xxxxxxxx, Amsterdam, Holland,

xxxxxxxx, Leipzig, Germany,

Amrei-Elisabeth Schmidt, Heidelberg, Deutschland,

Matthias Wieser, Klagenfurt, Austria, Universität Klagenfurt

Dr. Barbara N. Wiesinger, Belgrade , Serbia ,

Merima Begovic, Alkmaar, Holland,

Mag. Sonja Henisch, Wiren, Österreich, Verein Ost-West

Mag.Natasa Mirkovic-De Ro, Vienna, Austria,

Premec Daniel, Sarajevo, Bosnia&Hercegovina, Academi of the fine arts

xxxxxxxx, brussels, belgium,

Lea Meister, Basel, Schweiz, Universität Basel, Studentin

Alexander Prenninger, Salzburg, Austria, University of Salzburg, Historian

xxxxxxxx, Warschau, Polen, Absolvent, College of Europe

Daniela Ruß, Berlin, Deutschland, student

Charlotte Trippolt, Innsbruck, Österreich,

Ana Miskovska Kajevska, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, University of Amsterdam

Mag. Ingrid Taucher, Oberschützen, Austria,

xxxxxxxx, Munich, Germany, OHG , CEO

Sarah Riese, Berlin, Deutschland, Freie Universitaet Berlin

Lieselotte Türkmen-Barta, Vienna, Austria,

xxxxxxxx, London, UK, Student

xxxxxxxx, Wien, Austria,

Jasmina Mehinagic, Boston, USA, citizen

Klepo, Neven, München, Deutschland, LMU München, Magistrant

Kagelmann, Kiel, Germany,

Nathalie Rajevic, Oldenburg, Germany, Universität Oldenburg student

xxxxxxxx, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, xxxxxxx

Sina Greinert, Berlin, Germany,

xxxxxxxx, Duesseldorf, Germany, Journalist

Richard Sattler, Wien, Österreich,

Veronika Leiner, Vienna, Austria, Eurozine / Editor

Sanjin Selimović, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, NJS

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Germany, Researcher

xxxxxxxx, Wien, Österreich,

Susanne Krismer, Innsbruck, Austria, Student

Makarevic Nedim, FFM, Deutschland, AirNet

Gert Röhrborn, Berlin, Germany, Citizens of Europe, Executive Officer

Dawid Bargenda, Wrocław, Poland, Creative Arts Center (OPT)

Meliha, Mostar, BiH, Manager of RGF

Friedhold RUDOLF, Darmstadt, Germany, Sozialarbeiter - DIE JOHANNITER

Mirza Beširović, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Student, University of Sarajevo

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Germany, student, FU Berlin

Anna Hodel, Basel, Schweiz, Studentin der Slavistik und Osteuropäischer Geschichte

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Lena Steinmetz, Berlin, Germany,, Online-Redakteurin

Maria Hetman, Chicago, USA, Postgraduate Student Central European University in Budapest

Dajana Jungmann, Friedrichshafen, Deutschland, Stadtverwaltung

marcus malinowsky, pößneck, deutsch, -

Alem Dizdarevic, Vienna, Austria, Director

Cornel Ahlers, Hutthurm, Deutschland,

Kenan Hrustanovic, Berlin, Deutschland,

Frank Burgdörfer, Berlin, Germany, Citizens of Europe, Chairman

Ardian Adžanela Axhanela, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina; ACIPS

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Germany, Architektin

xxxxxxxx, Bern, Switzerland,

Dipl.Ing. Ago Bacvic, Wien, Österreich, Strabag / Technische Betreuung

xxxxxxxx, Linz, Österreich,

Merima, Stolac, Bosna i Hercegovina,

Legris Mathieu, Saint-Paul-lès Dax, France, Local agent

Eva Abele, 73266 Bissingen-Teck, Deutschland,

Maxie Matthiessen, Copenhagen, Denmark, Student

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Germany, Cultural Manager

Dr. Stefan Jakob Wimmer, München, Germany, Universität München, Freunde Abrahams e.V.

Friedrich Vetter, D - 55129 Mainz, Deutschland, PPfarrer i. R.

Goran Batic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, International Commission on Missing Persons

Dzenan Hatic, Wien, Austria, Sound Engineer

Benjamin Idriz, Penzberg, Germany, Islamische Gemeinde Penzberg e.V., Imam

izzet güvenc, Linz, Austria, Übersetzungsbüro

xxxxxxxx, Bologna, Italy,

Beate Horlemann, Unkel, BRD, Horlemann Verlag

Farhana Mirza, Linz, Austria, MCE IT Linz

Anna Pfeifer, Innsbruck, Österreich,

Walter, Munich, Germany, The Advisory House / Consultant

Dr. Dieter Nehring, Berlin, Deutschland, Humboldt-Universität, PD

Böswirth Susanna, Berlin, Deutschland,

Claire Siegerstetter, Regensburg, Deutschland, Studentin

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Germany, Student

Dipl.Ing.Fadil Pargan, Linz, Österreich, Nycomed Austria

Bičić Minka, Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina, Studentica

Ulrike Kusel, Lüneburg, Germany,

Maria Tyroller, Regensburg, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Passau, Deutschland, Student

Bojana Pajic-Rickerts, Berlin, Germany, Stiftung Schüler Helfen Leben

Darijo Visevic, Berlin, Germany, Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg der Robert Bosch Stiftung

Dutoit Jan, Bern, Schweiz, Student und Mitarbeiter Universität Basel

Christian Berding, Hamburg, Germany,

Inga Esch, Hamburg, Germany,

xxxxxxxx, Wien, Österreich,

Helge Limburg, Hannover, Deutschland, MdL Niedersachsen

xxxxxxxx, San Francisco, USA, Researcher

Bernd Posselt MdEP, München, Deutschland, Außenpolitischer Sprecher der CSU im Europaparlament, Präsident der Paneuropa-Union Deutschland

Goran, Charlotte, NC, USA, P.T.

Ramiz Imamovic, Munich, Germany,

Dr. Heribert Kohl, 40699 Erkrath, D, Büro für wissenschaftliche Publizistik und Beratung, Erkrath

Gabriele Kohl, Erkrath, Deutschland, Ärztin

Nedad Memic, Vienna, Austria, Editor in Chief

Michell Rohmann, Sana\\'a, Yemen, DED Development Expert

Julian Gröger, Uetersen, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Deutschland,

Whitney Richardson, Buenos Aires, Argentina,

Björn Kunter, Minden, Germany, Bund für Soziale Verteidigung / Geschäftsführer

Senad Hadziselimovic, Mannheim, Deutschland,

Ernst Becker, Weinheim, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Wien , Österreich, Student

Amela Dukic, Wien , Österreich , Angestellte

Dukic Muhamed, Wien, Österreich, Angestellter

Ahlswede, Regensburg, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Meckenheim, Deutschland,

Elvira Kurabasa, Vienna, Austira, Student Cultural Anthropology

Olivia Lasser, Vienna, Austria,

Nevzeta Selimovic, Bratunac, Bosna i Hercegovina,

Andrea Mayer-Edoloeyi, Linz, Austria,

martin krusche, gleisdorf, austria, freelancing artist

Winfried Hoch, 59368 Werne, Deutschland/NRW, Lehrer

xxxxxxxx, Wien, Austria,

Walter Neyder, Linz, Austria,

xxxxxxxx, Hamburg, Germany, Student

Lotte Kundmueller, Frankfurt a. M., Deutschland,

Silvia Althaus, 3073 Gümligen, Switzerland, Russischlektorin

Kleinschmidt, Krefeld, Deutschland, Flüchtlingsberatung

Selma Mulahalilović, Sarajevo, Bosina and Herzegovina, student

Mujo Koluh, Bonn, Deutschland, Diplom Sportlehrer

lily besilly, reichenow, deutschland,

anne mewes, berlin, germany,

Frohnert, Bottrop, Germany,

Faruk Imsirovic, Graz, Austria, Controller

Burazorovic Edin, Basel, Schweiz,

Mag.Zejnullah Jakupi, Berlin, Deutschland, Journalist

Richard Hubmann, Sinabelkirchen, Austria, agriculturalist

Matthias Hauenstein, Bern, Switzerland, student

Kathrin Tittel, Dresden, Germany, TU Dresden, Project Coordinator

Jonas Grygier, Greifswald, Deutschland, Student

Damir Mujcinovic, Wien, Austria, Student der Wirtschaftsinfromatik

HRISTINA MOURATIDOU, Thessaloniki, Greece, Mostar Youth Theatre and University \\'\\'Dzemal Bijedic\\'\\', actress, drama pedagogue

Maximilian Trommer, Memmingen, Germany,

Arno Trültzsch, Halle (Saale), Deutschland, Student

michael schreiber, berlin, germany,

Dejan Muhamedagic, Vienna, Austria,

Julia Preidel, Berlin , Germany ,

xxxxxxxx, Solothutn, Switzerland, ABR Biel, Asylsuchen Betreuung

xxxxxxxx, Lohmar, Germany,

Hubert A. Simon, Lohmar, Deutschland, Vorsitzender von CAMPUS15 - Jugend wagt den Frieden e.V.

flavio brizzolari scrocco, rome, italiy,

zeljana eres, capljina, bosnia and herzegovina,

Jasmina Colic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, student

mirjana peitler, graz, österreich, medienkunstlabor im kunsthaus graz, kuratorin

Lejla Kupinic, Bos.Gradiska, Bosna & Herzegowina,

Andir, Jablanica, Bosnia and Heryegovina,

Krzysztof Nowak, Kielce, Świętokrzyskie,

xxxxxxxx, Essen, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Bochum, Deutschland,

Peter Jaeger, Hamburg, Germany, Gewerbelehrer

Dzevada Susko, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina, International University of Sarajevo, Lecturer

Lisa Rohm, 4100 Ottensheim, Österreich,

Petra Rohm, 4100 Ottensheim, Österreich,

Selimovic, Linz, Austria, KEBA, Software Development

Kristina Babosek, Ljubljana, Slovenia, ARTEVIDA not-for-profit art & cultural studies, president and curator

Career center, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Univerzitet \\"Džemal Bijedić\\" Centar za razvoj karijere

xxxxxxxx, basel, schweiz,

Ramiz Imamovic, Munich, Germany, Softwaredeveloper

Ferid Boracic, München, Deutschland,

Hans-Christian Schmid, Berlin, Deutschland, Regisseur

Dr. Brigitte Hasenjürgen, 48149 Münster, Deutschland, Kath. Hochschule NRW, Münster

Martina Skocibusic, Tomislavgrad, BiH, Student

Dr. Heike Karge, Regensburg, Germany, Universität Regensburg

Prof. Dr. Miranda Jakisa, Berlin, Germany, Humboldt University Berlin

Christoph Weischer, Münster, Deutschland, Soziologe

Hannah J., Rösrath, Germany,

Prof. Dr. Miranda Jakisa, Berlin, Germany, Humboldt University Berlin

Semsudin, Jablanica, BiH,

Sabina, Jablanica, BiH, Osnovna skola \\"Suljo Cilic\\", nastavnik

Daniela Seifert, Siegen, Germany, Student

Yola C., Siegburg, Germany,

Christina Lessiak, Aarhus, Danmark,

Martin Ziegler, Leipzig, Deutschland, Student

Christian Shukow, Berlin, Germany,

Miloš Nikolić, Nikšić, Montenegro,

Bacevac Mensur, Köln, Deutschland , tecis FDL AG ; Repräsentanzleiter

Ferdinand Kiderlen, Hamburg, Deutschland, Gymnasium Klosterschule / Teacher

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Deutschland,

Jerzy Celichowski, Budapest, Hungary, Hungarian Europe Society

Szopa, Berlin , Germany,

Beata Huszka, Budapest, Hungary, Central European University, PhD student

Christian Weiß, Berlin, Deutschland, Studienreferendar

Wolfgang Petritsch, Paris, France, Permanent Mission of Austria to the OECD/Ambassador

Anne Wiebelitz, Jena, Germany, student

xxxxxxxx, Hamburg, Deutschland, Universität Hamburg

Sahtan Almir, Köln, Deutschland,

Daniel Knezic, Regensburg , Germany, Südost-Institut, Research Assistant

Halil, Mainz, Germany, IKZ der Bosniaken

xxxxxxxx, Deutschlan, Comete GmbH,

xxxxxxxx, Wiesloch, BRD,

xxxxxxxx, Mostar, Bosna i Hercegovina, student

Corinna Berggötz, Karlsruhe, Germany,

Andre Kapuczinski, Leipzig, Germany, Bürger

Fedrowitz, Leipzig, Deutschland, Studentin

Enver Spahic, Ludwigshafen, Deutschland,

Dr. Nihad Hadzifejzovic, Bonn, Deutschland, nnn

Vildana Gokovic, Sarajevo, B&H, HEIS, biologist

Redzep Porovic, Mannheim, Germany, Designer

Erna, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Economist

xxxxxxxx, Wolfenbüttel, Germany, student

Rüdiger Rossig, Berlin, Deutschland,

Asmir Piric, Boeblingen, Germany,

Gordana Pervan, Hamburg, Germany, Dataport, Kundenmanagement

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, BiH, xxx

Jasmina Sabrihafizovic, Sarajevo, BiH, software developer

Dr. Monika Kleck, München, Deutschland, Beraterin

Leila Mirojevic, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, MIA

Adnan Hebibovic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Software engineer

Atif Piljevic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Energoinvest,Project manager

Klaus-Dieter Grothe, Giessen, Deutschland, Arzt

Przywara, Göppingen, Deutschland, Redakteurin

Dr. Michaela Schumacher, Köln, Germany,

xxxxxxxx, , BiH,

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Artist

Selma Prolic, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, BH telecom

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, BiH, Software engeneer

Vesna Nenadic, Belgrade, Serbia,

xxxxxxxx, Hamburg, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Frankfurt, Germany,

Sabina Cengic Bambur, Northampton, UK,

Zeljko Loncar, Melbourne, Australia, lyons-Architect

Jessica Mosbahi, Köln, Deutschland, medica mondiale e. V.

Raska Hajdarhodzic, Sarajevo, BiH, Uebersetzerin

Smail Jusufovic, Werdenberg, Schweiz,

Nedim Hajdarhodzic, Benghazi , Libya, UCS/El.Eng.

Dusica Cook, Tuzla, BiH, BIRN

Margrit Spindeler, Dortmund, Deutschland, Projektmanager

Kirsten Wienberg, Siegburg, Deutschland,

Azra Zečević-Jakić, Sarajevo, BiH, Interpreter

Doris Straßburger, 45145 Essen, NRW Deutschland, Bosnienbeauftragte der Ev. Kirchengemeinde Essen-Kray

xxxxxxxx, Stuttgart, Deutschland,

Filip Gaspar, Göttingen, Germany, Student

Edin Serezlic, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina,

Martin Hager, Berlin, Germany, Editor

Dijana Jusufovic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Irfan Kujovic, Sarajevo, BiH, student

Luca Acuti, Berlin, Germany, Translator

Fatmir Curri, Prishtina, Kosovo, KCSF

Almedin Delija, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

xxxxxxxx, Essen, BRD, Pfarrerin

Adi Milicevic, Soltau, Germany,

Christa Meyerr, Berlin, Deutschland,

Enisa Peco, Konstanz, Deutschland, Studentin/Universität Kontstanz

Caroline Daniel-Quosh, Rudolstadt, Deutschland, Kulturbüro

xxxxxxxx, Wien, Austria,

Anne Menzel, Berlin, Germany, FU Berlin

Harun D. Hosic, Munich, Germany, H2 Studio Advertising & Design // Art Director

Mag. Korjenic Damir, Vienna, Austria, Pharmacist

Svjetlana Derajic, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina,

Dr. Elvira Topalovic M.A., Münster, Deutschland, Germanistin, Universität Münster

Winfried Bido, Essen, Gerrmany,

Amar Basic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Luan Sadiku, Gjilan Kosovo, KOsovo, BA of political sciences

Bele Grau, Köln, Deutschland, medica mondiale

Baun, Wolf Jürgen, 45259 Essen, Germany,

Peter Fürst, Zürich, Switzerland, Publizist

Prof. Dr. Bernward Grünewald, 53757 Sankt Augustin, Deutschland, Universitätsprofessor / Universität Köln

Grünewald Christine, St. Augustin, Deutschland,

Siradj Duhan, Wien, A, ZT f.Maschinenbau

Ivan Butina, Bologna, Italy, Ivan Butina - Recent Graduate

Dren, Gjakova, Kosova,

S.Kaperlat, Cologne, Germany, fundraising manager

Azur Jakić, Sarajevo, BiH, Surgeon

Alois Deubler, Rodenbach, Deutschalnd, Journalist

Dijana Pelidija, Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina,

ines adilovic, sarajevo, bosnia and herzegovina,

Sabine Kramer, ESSEN, Deutschland, Dipl.Pädagogin

Manfred Volbers, Friedrichsdorf, Deutschland, Betriebsratsvorsitzender

Söllner, Freiburg, Deutschland, Studentin

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Lejla Ferhatovic, Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Software Engineer

xxxxxxxx, mitrovica, kosovo, Kosovaphone

Margot Nohr, Duisburg, Deutschland, Oberstudiendirektorin a.D.

Elma Haskovic, Washington, DC, United States,

Sead Arnautovic, Melbourne, Australia, Architect

xxxxxxxx, Mannheim, Deutschland, Selbststendig

Dorothee Baumann, Leipzig, Germany, Lipa SouthEast Europe Network e.V.

xxxxxxxx, Oldenburg, Deutchland, student

xxxxxxxx, Sankt Augustin, D, Pfarrer für behindertenarbeit der EKiR

Srdjan Dvornik, Zagreb, Croatia, Rijec i savjet / Wordof Advice

Carol Fiedler, Berlin, Deutschland,

Muhamed Ferizovic, Sarajevo, BiH, Manager

Aferdita Krasniqi, Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo,

Azra, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Student

Artan Çollaku, Prishtina, Kosovo , EU Integration practitioner

Marie-Noëlle v. d. Recke, Schöffengrung, Deutschland, Church and Peace e.V.Generalsekretärin

Ilire Zajmi, Prishtina , Kosovo , Training coordinator, Radio Television of Kosovo

Veton Rugova, Prishtina, Kosova, Radio Television of Kosova / news exchange editor

Katharina Topić, Graz, Österreich, Studentische Mitarbeiterin, Universität Graz

Sonja Radošević, Podgorica, Crna Gora , slobodni novinar

Lendita Rugova, Prishtina, Kosova, AUK

Erich Koller, Vienna, Austria, CUUBUUS architects ZT GmbH(Architect

Ines G. Zupanov, Paris, France, CNRS, Research Fellow

Rilind Gervalla, Prishtine, Republic of Kosova, Journalist

xxxxxxxx, Prishtina, Kosovo, Senior Officer for EU Integration

valon gashi, Prishtina, Kosova, Kosovo Government

Shemsedin Aliu, Mitrovica, Kosovo, Regional Development Agency North

Klaus Kloth, 88045 Friedrichshafen, Deutschland, Ehrenbürger von Sarajevo

Arta Osmanaj, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, student

Arben Kalaja, Prishtina, Kosovo,

mbarac, northampton, UK,

xxxxxxxx, Mynich, Germany,

Bernd Fuchs, Friedrichshafen, Deutschland, Vorsitzender Pro Sarajevo, Träger des Ehrenbriefes der Stadt Sarajevo

xxxxxxxx, Ottawa, Canada,

Vedat, Mitrovica, Kosovo,

Theresa Bauer, Berlin, Germany, Humboldt Universität

Griep, Bonn, Deutschland,

Nusret Ferhatovic, Mannheim, Deutschland,

Dijana Kadic, Washington, USA,

xxxxxxxx, Graz, Oesterreich, Oberarzt, Univ. Klinik fuer Chirurgie, Uniklinikum Graz, Oesterreich

Elvira Zivanovic, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, manager/consultant

Angelika Brebeck, Paderborn, Deutschland,

Dr. Herwig Brandstetter, Graz, Österreich, Kurator des Österreichischen Schwarzen Kreuzes, Kriegsgräberfürsorge

xxxxxxxx, wien, austria,

xxxxxxxx, Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, OŠ \\"Alija Nametak\\", English teacher

Aleksandar Glisic, Belgrade, Serbia, Humanitarian Law Center

Nezir Rama, Pristina, Kosovo,

xxxxxxxx, Ravensburg, Deutschland,

Visar Jasiqi, Prishtine, Kosovo, American University in Kosovo

Johanna Steindl, Vienna, Austria,

Uwe Rada, Berlin, Deutschland, Journalist

Goran Duric, Hamburg, Deutschland, Lufthansa Technik

Sybille Dittrich-Kern MA, Konstanz, Germany, Ägyptologin

Jan Philipp Sternberg, Potsdam, Germany, Maerkische Allgemeine Zeitung, Kulturredaktion

Dr. Klaus Lederer, MdA, Berlin, Deutschland, Landesvorsitzender DIE LINKE. Berlin

Srdjan Mandic, Belgrade, Serbia, Architect

Dr. Jens Becker, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland, Goethe Universität Frankfurt

Manfred Mack, Reinheim, Deutschland,

Admir Pandzic, Gradacac, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Hans spörri, Berlin, Deutschland, GF

Arta Sadiku, Prishtina, Kosova, Agency for European Integration

Inka Schwand, Berlin, Deutschland, Landschaftsplanerin

Prof. Dr. Dieter Bingen, Darmstadt, Deutschland,

Christian Bütow, Magdeburg, Deutschland, Bezirksdirektor Gothaer Versicherung

Nils Naber, Potsdam, Deutschland,

Thomas Nord, Potsdam, Deutschland, Vorsitzender DIE LINKE.Brandenburg

Claudia Kristine Schmidt, Berlin, BRD,

Renata Serednicka, Krakau, Polen , Verein Villa Decius

Ingrid Kirschey-Feix, Berlin, Deutschland, be.bra verlag

xxxxxxxx, Frankfurt, Germany,

Bogdan Twardochleb, Szczecin, Polen, Kurier Szczecinski, Redakteur

Christian Hohmann, D-32545 Bad Oeynhausen, Deutschland/Germany,

Omerovic Zlata, Wien, Österreich,

Hajrulla Ceku, Prishtina, Kosova, Cultural Heritage without Borders

hana dvornik, zagreb, croatia, student

Eliza Bertone, Rijeka, Croatia,

Thomas Kumlehn, Marquardt, Autor und Musiker, Autor und Musiker

Durakovic Enis, Mannheim, Deutschland,

Springmann, Veronika, Berlin, Germany, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg Lutvija Halilovic, Heilbronn, Deutschland, Praxis für Allgemein medizin

Ernst von der Recke, Schöffengrund, Deutschland, Lebenshilfe Wetzlar

xxxxxxxx, Gjakova, Kosova,

xxxxxxxx, Valladolid, Spain,

Schultze, Wolfgang, Biebergemünd, Deutschland, Kachelofen- und Kaminbau, Inhaber

Schultze, Zahida, Biebergemünd, Deutschland,

Omer Varmaz, wendelsheim, deutschland, radnik

Rajka Varmaz, wendelsheim, deutschland, kase globus

xxxxxxxx, München, Germany,

Predrag, Milici, Bosnia and Herzegovina, student

xxxxxxxx, Leipzig, Germany, architect

Peter Roßbach, Altenstadt, Deutschland,

Bernhard Ruthenberg, Remscheid, Deutschland,

Aida Salkic, 74072 Heilbronn, Germany, Geschäftsführerin pro individuum

xxxxxxxx, Belgrade, Serbia, student

Ulrike Huhn, Berlin, BRD, Wiss. Mitarbeiterin, Humboldt-Universität Berlin

Dragan Siljegovic, Stuttgart, Germany, AREN Europe expert-civil engineering

Adnan Musa, Wien, Vienna,

Silvia Rexha, Brussels, Belgium, Student Katholic University of Leuven

Frank Baumann, Moscow, Russia,

Pumberger Klaus, Vienna, Austria, Siemens Transportation Systems Personalentwickler

Horst Bidiak, Berlin, Germany,

xxxxxxxx, Bonn, Deutschland, UNFCCC, Team Assistant

Belma Jahovic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo Canton Chamber of Economy, Economist

Martin Domke, Herne, Germany, Eine Welt Zentrum / Manager

Agnes Bohley, Senftenberg, Deutschland, Promovendin

Löhmer, Berlin, Germany,

Kemal Hadzimusic, Sarajevo, Bosnien und Herzegowina, PKSA

Emina Lagumdzija, Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, IUS-ELS, ESL Instructor

Alen Mrgud, Sarajevo, BiH, Agency for Statistics of BiH/Database developer

Azra Radaslic, Sarajevo, BiH,

Eldar Civic, Gracanica, Bosnia- Herzegowina, SOS KDI

Adi Kahani, Jerusalem, Israel, civil servant

Dominik Heinzer, Sarajevo/Zürich, BiH/Schweiz, Jurist

Adnan Pasalic, Berlin, Deutschland,

Sinisa Zrinscak, Zagreb, Croatia, Univ. Prof.

Reneo Lukic, Quebec, Canada, Professor Laval university

Danica Fink-Hafner, Ljubljana, Slovenia, University of Ljubljana

Mitja Hafner-Fink, Ljubljana, Slovenia, University of Ljubljana

xxxxxxxx, Heilbronn, Germany,

Clemens Rostock, Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

xxxxxxxx, München, Deutschland,

nerzuk curak, sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, university of sarajevo,

Zijad Becirovic, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Director of International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES), Ljubljana

Bojko Bučar, Ljubljana, Slovenia, University of Ljubljana, Professor

Garstecki, Joachim, Magdeburg, Deutschland, former pax christi-Generalsekretär

Lutz Heer, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland, Geschäftsführer

Ilka Keuper, Berlin, Berlin, gescjhäftsf. Vorstandsmitglied

Karsten Fledelius, Copenhagen Ö, Denmark, Danish Helsinki Committee

Adela Sejdinovic, BiH, Dječije \\"Selo mira\\" / sekretarica,

Muminovic Mersiha, Ulm, Deutschland,

Muminovic Avdo, ulm, deutschland,

Selma Pasic, Frankfurt/Main, BRD,

Stefan Räbiger, Liederbach, Deutschland,

Jutta Noetzel, Magdeburg, Germany, Pfarrerin der Domgemeinde

Isidora Opacic, Basel, Schweiz, Gewerkschaft Unia, Gewerkschaftssekretärin

Irmgard Ehrenberger, Wien, Österreich,

xxxxxxxx, Geneva, Switzerland,

Marta Kołczyńska, Lodz, Polska, Polska Akademia Nauk

bujar, Prishtina, Kosova, Student

Vincent Nordin Van Calck, Brussels, Belgium - Europe, JEF Belgium - Secretary General

milot, Prishtine, Kosova, JEF- Kosova

xxxxxxxx, Stockholm, Sweden, Student and JEF-Sweden member

Marianne Bonnard, Châlons en Champagne / Québec, France / Canada, Français du Monde, former Secretary general JEF-Europe 2002-2004

Thomas Spragg, Birmingham, UK,

Shqipe Breznica, Prishtina, Kosovo ,

Prof.Dr. Holm Sundhaussen, Berlin, Deutschland, Freie Universität Berlin

Marija, Nish, Serbia,

xxxxxxxx, Gjilan, Kosovo, KosovA

Sören Herbst, Magdeburg, Deutschland, Stadtrat BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN

Imma Mäder, Basel, Switzerland, Student

xxxxxxxx, Belgrade, Serbia,

Jasmina Murga, Sarajevo, Bosnien und Herzegowina, Übersetzerin/ Dolmetscherin

Basanta Thapa, Bergisch Gladbach, Deutschland,

Dritan Shala, Peja, Kosovo, President, Agency for Sustainable Regional Development

Prof. dr. Milica Antić Gaber, Ljubljana, Slovenia, University of Ljubljana

Elma Osmanovic, Graz, Austria, Student

Pranvera Firza, Prishtina, R.of Kosova,

Bożena, Żywiec, Poland,

Sabrina Kurtuma, Berlin, Deutschland, /

xxxxxxxx, Wrocław, Poland,

Mujic Meksida, Cologne, Germany, administrative sciences

Slavko Gaber, Ljubljana, Slovenia, University of Ljubljana

Adnan Celjo, New York, USA, BIMC, Medical Doctor

Aliaksandr Piletski, Minsk, Belarus, journalist

Arif Ibrahimi, Vushtrri, Kosovo, NGO Star of Future

Nahit, Zagreb, Croatia, Exor, Area Manager

fisnik bullatovci, Pristina, Kosovo, fisnik

Mehmet Prishtina, PRISHTINA, KOSOVA, Gen.Director/Eastern

xxxxxxxx, Zagreb, Hrvatska, Hrvatska Lutrija/marketing manager

qamil cena, Rahovec, Kosova, Business Administrator

Sahit, Prishtina, Kosova, IPKO

Lutz Gude, Berlin, , Bundessekretär Junge Europäische Föderalisten

Peter Sager, Wien, Austria, Generali AG

Alban Kastrati, Prishtina, Kosova, Public Relations Specialist

Hodzic Edis, Wien, Österreich, Finanzcoach

Alberto, madrid, Spain,

Rrahim Meholli, Prishtina, Kosovo, Professor

Adel Hafizovic, Vienna, Austria,

Pilvi Torsti, Helsinki, Finland, University of Helsinki, Researcher

Adnan Shah, Vienna, Austria, Student

pagarusha tarik, prishtina, Kosova, Freier Kameramam

xxxxxxxx, Halstenbek, Germany,

Hoffmann, Joachim, Magdeburg, Deutschland,

Thorsten Z., Hannover, Germany,

Alexander Herr, Halle, Germany, Student

ilir gorani, Pristina, Kosovo, Habibovic, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Arzt

Aliriza Hasku, Rahovec, Kosovo, Cooperage \\"Beha-N\\"

Visar, Prishtinë, Kosovë, UNMIK-IT

Thomas Lange, Leipzig, Germany, student

xxxxxxxx, Halle/Saale, Germany, Studentin

Stefan Widdess, Berlin, Deutschland,

Lamija Tanovic, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Liberal Democratic Party of B-H/ President

Prof.Dr. Miljenko Peric, Belgrad, Serbien, Universitaet Belgrad

Dr. Tamás Szemlér, Budapest, Hungary, Institute for World Economics

Helena C., Siegburg, Germany,

Jan Kamiński, Jeleśnia, Polska, student

Heike Mahlke, Hitzacker, Germany,

Tihomir Cipek, Zagreb, Croatia, Professor at Faculty of Political science, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Martina Topić, Zagreb, Croatia, Assistant, Faculty of Political science, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Daphne Dieter, München, Deutschland, Heilpraktikerin

Bakyt Azimkanov, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, Journalist, IFR (London)

Cem Özdemir, Berlin, Germany, BÜNDNIS 90/ DIE GRÜNEN, Chair

xxxxxxxx, Magdeburg, Germany, city councillor

Barbara Zirbes, Remscheid, Germany, Arbeitskreis Asyl Remscheid

Nina Rudolph, Berlin, Deutschland, Student

Katrin, Granada, Spanien, president of the association Intercultural life

Gabaj, Beate, Stockach, Deutschland, BIS, Konstanz

Dr Marko Attila Hoare, London, United Kingdom, Kingston University

FUNCK, Enkenbach, Germany,

NUSRET fERHATOVIC, Mannheim, Deutschland, Diamant

xxxxxxxx, Rostock, Deutschland,

Quintin Hoare, London, UK, Director, The Bosnian Institute

Branka Magas, London, U.K.,

xxxxxxxx, Bad Teinach-Zavelstein, Germany, Mother

Bahra Stanisic, Jacksonville, FL, USA, Paralegal, Refugee Immigration Project

Stefanie Müller, Potsdam, Deutschland, student of arts management and cultural work

Duje Jakovčević, Split, Croatia, Filozofski fakultet u Splitu, student

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Germany,

Janiel, Margit, Halle/Saale, Deutschland, Friedenskreis-Halle e.V.

Caroline Arndt, Berlin, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Halle/Saale, Deutschland,

Anne Schuster, Dresden, Deutschland, Student

xxxxxxxx, Dresden, Deutschland, Student

Melanie Ranft, Halle (Saale), Germany, Projectleader

Rheinhardt, Potsdam, Germany,

xxxxxxxx, Göttingen, Deutschland, Student of cultural anthropology

Louisa Yallop, Norwich, UK,

Myles Yallop, Norwich, UK,

Daniel, Vancouver, Canada,

Stephen Schwartz, Washington, DC, USA, Executive Director, Center for Islamic Pluralism

sonja biserko, belgrade, serbia, helsinki committee

Josephine Heide, Potsdam, Germany,

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Deutschland,

Casey McGloin, New York, United States of America,

Tina Trinks, Berlin, Deutschland, Studentin

xxxxxxxx, Erfurt, Germany, Studentin

Joep van Delft, Berlin, Germany, Project Manager, Loesje International

Tobias Specht, Augsburg, Germany, Sprecher Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Bezirksverband Schwaben

Bastian Luettig, Stuttgart, Germany, Uni Stuttgart, Student

Alexander Fecke, Berlin, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Cologne, Germany,

metin esmer, istanbul/TURKİYE, cologne/germany, student

Michal Pečeňa, Unhošť, Czech Republic,

Joseph CAruana, Birkirkara, Malta, Student at the Univeristy of Malta

Catherine Baker, Southampton, UK, University of Southampton

Shkelzen Maliqi, Prishtina, Kosovo, Gani Bobi Center for Humanistic Studies

xxxxxxxx, Klein-Winternheim, Germany, Artist

Ilda Mara, Paris, France, ARGJIRO, Executive Director

Dr. Jutta Pivecka, Hanau, Germany,

Alexander Hörtenhuber, Lambach, Österreich, Musiker

Martin Forst, Stuttgart, Germany, Microsoft, Research Software Development Engineer

Hans Eckardt, Dresden, Germany, Pupil

Alush Gashi, Prishtina, Kosovo, UNMIK, INIT Director

Bettina M. J. Kern, Konstanz, Deutschland, Schülerin der Oberstufe

Matthias Klemm, Dresden, Deutschland,

Tomas Jungwirth, Prague, Czech Republic, Assistant of MP

Agron Hasanaj, Klina, Kosova,

xxxxxxxx, Leutenbach, Deutschland,

Fitim Rexha, Prishtina, Kosovo, fitimrexha/archivist

Flamur Krasniqi, Prizren, Kosovo,

Burim Gashi, Pasadena, CA, United States of America, Sotomayor & Associates, LLP - Manager

xxxxxxxx, NY, USA, Nikolin Kolziu

Mirza Velagic, Seattle, USA, University Student

Zlatka Velagic, Seattle , USA, Social Worker, MSW

Jasmila Zbanic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, DEBLOKADA, Film Director

Hans-Christian Boese, Berlin, Germany, Geschäftsführer, Piffl Medien Filmverleih

Sadije Kelmendi, Prishtina, Kosovo, INTECH, Architect

Ardi Shita, Pristina, Kosovo, Karl-Franzens-Universität-Graz, LLM Kandidat

xxxxxxxx, siegen, germany,

Evan, Berlin, Germany,

simone dzapo garcia, berlin, germany,

Ismet Omičević, Wiesloch, Germany,

Gabriele Bardet, Ostseebad Wustrow, Deutschland, Sozialarbeiterin

Christine A. Maier, Berlin, Germany, Kamerafrau

Mirela Grünther-Decevic, Sarajevo, BiH,

Amela Sejmenovic, Sarajevo, BiH,

Ryszard W. Kluszczynski, Lodz, Poland, University of Lodz, Chair of Department of Media and Audiovisual Culture

Perry Bard, New York, USA,

Albert Grainca, Ferizaj, Republic of Kosova, MBA - student University of Prishtina

Ursula Scherrer, New York, US,

Muhamed, Sarajevo, BiH, Student

Nermin Hadzimesic, Gorazde, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kantonalni sud Gorazde / IKT Administrator sistem

Irman K., Halle, Deutschland,

Benjamin Wieg, Ludwigsburg, Germany, Student

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Germany, Researcher

Herrmann, Petra, Stockach, Germany, Hübler Fotografie+Rahmung

Hübler, Roland, Stockach, Germany,

Mischan Gholizadeh Toosarani, Vienna, Austria,

Arben Zharku, Prishtina, Kosova, Actor

Bernd Lange, Berlin, Germany, screenwriter

xxxxxxxx, Timisoara, Romania, cultural manager

Salem Huric, Sarajevo, BiH, Student

Michael Sack, München, Bayern, Rechtsanwalt

Esad, Berlin, Deutschland,

Adnan Softić, Hamburg, Deutschland, Film director

Nina Softić, Haamburg, Deutschland, Fashion Designer

Peter Hofmeister, Wiesloch, Germany,

Josef Neumayr, Wien, Österreich, A Letter To The Stars + projektXchange

Jasmina, Denver, CO,

Damir Mehmedovic, Brno, Czech Republic, IBM, SSO

kenan, sarajevo, bosnia,

Emir Sehic, Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina,

Alena, zivinice, Bosnia, no

Admir, Kulin, Köln, Deutschland,

Edis Ahmetspahic, Büren, Germany, Dozent

Inga Schieferecke, Büren, Germany, Dipl. Reha-Päd.

Kulin, Nina, köln, Deutschland, student

Faruk, Kulin, Köln, Deutschland,

Hugh Griffiths, , ,

Arijana, Sarajevo, BiH, student

Robert Soko, Berlin, Germany, BalkanBeats International

SUAD, Cazin, BIH,

SUAD, Cazin, BIH, dipl.ecc

mirsad, tuzla, B&H, BH Telecom

Adisa Duric, Sarajevo, Bosnien/Herzegowina,

xxxxxxxx, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

xxxxxxxx, , ,

Ennie Mannie, Sarajevo, BIH, Tv, Mr

xxxxxxxx, Hamburg, Germany,

Walter Kaufmann, Berlin, Germany, Heinrich Boell Foundation

Senka Sadikovic, Stuttgart, Deutschland, Studentin

xxxxxxxx, Stuttgart, Germany, product manager

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, PBH Technologies d.o.o Administrative Assistant

xxxxxxxx, hamburg, germany, kulturwissenschaftler

Baard Skaar Viken, Oslo, Norway, International Officer - JEF Norway

Elisabeth Enke, Berlin, Deutschalnd, ausland / Kulturschaffende

Santa Ilić, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Kyd Campbell, Weimar, Germany, Independent Cultural Manager

Gunic Gordana, Berlin, Deutschland,

Fesha M., Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland,

Aleksandra Kretkowska, Warsaw, Poland, student

Dunkel, Manuela, Halle, Deutschland,

Prof. Wolfgang Schomburg, Berlin, Germany, Former Judge at ICTY

Erdem Karapolat, Vienna, Austria, Human geing

Aslanoglu, Heidelberg, Germany,

Antje Liebscher, Stuttgart, Deutschland, Referentin/ Osteuropazentrum / Universität Hohenheim

xxxxxxxx, Mannheim, Deutschland,

Murat, Stuttgart, Germany,

dr marija topic-miletic, graz, oesterreich,

Susanne Mühlenbein, Cologne, Germany,

Dragana Zarevska, Kratovo, Macedonia, Artist

xxxxxxxx, Zagreb, Kroatien,

Ursula Fernolend, Berlin, Germanny, Deutscher Bundestag

Bartłomiej Kozek, Warsaw, Poland, Zieloni 2004 / Greens 2004 - Secretary General

Kenana Gunic - Szmidt, Berlin, Germany,

Kiki Laaser, Bamberg, Germany, Bündnis 90/DIE GRÜNEN

Kiki Laaser, Bamberg, Germany, Bündnis 90/DIE GRÜNEN, Bezirksvorstand Oberfranken, Stadträtin

Bosiljka Schedlich, Berlin, Deutschland, Geschäftsführerin

Eva Rhodius-Reinprecht, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland,

Christof Starke, Halle, Deutschland, Geschäftsführer Friedenskreis Halle e.V.

Panz, Heidelberg, Germany, Facility Management

xxxxxxxx, Tuzla, BiH,

xxxxxxxx, London, UK, Roehampton University / Technical Tutor in Photography

Mustafa Burnic, Köln, Germany, Pohland, Controlling

Elma Hudovic, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegowina,

xxxxxxxx, Reading, United Kingdom,

marie schleich, hannover, Deutschland,

Britta Knöller, Berlin, Germany, Producer

Kenan Selak, Ried im Innkreis, Austria,

Dino, Kassel, Deutschland,

Gesa Tiedemann, München, Deutschland, Geschäftsführung Petra Kelly Stiftung

xxxxxxxx, Kiel, Deutschland, THW, Sachbearbeiterin Bürgerschaftliches Engagement

Ercan Sahin, Kassel, Deutschland, Barista

xxxxxxxx, Leipzig, Deutschland,

Prof. Dr. Hans Henning Hahn, Augustfehn, Deutschland, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

Sam Frick, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland,

Christoph Rapp, Karlsruhe, Deutschland, Freund des bosnischen Volkes

Aldijana Trbonja, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Senada Maskumic, Lawrenceville, USA, worl Relief, Case Manager

Haris Hadzihalilovic, Motala, Sweden,

xxxxxxxx, Barcelona, Spain, Architect

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, BiH, Marketing Coordinator

Stefan Schaak, Bochum, BRD, Lehrer und Wissenschaftler

Vernesa Dzelic, Gothenburg, Sweden, developer of educational programme - Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan

Hidajeta Bojcic, München, Deutschland, Architektin (BYAK), Dipl.-Ing.

xxxxxxxx, Gislaved, Sverige, BHRF

Haris Tucakovic, Skövde, Sweden, BEng

Amela Maksumic, Skövde, Sweden, teacher

Fikret Kadic, Växjö, Sverige,

Emina, Karlskrona, Sverige, Komun

Senada Travancic, Värnamo, Swiden, Värnamo Kommun, grundskola

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Germany,

Senka Smailovic, Göteborg, Sweden,

Meliha Smailovic, Göteborg, Sweden,

Emina Pehilj, Göteborg, Sverige,

melisa smajkic, dubai, united arab emirates,

AMIR ALIC, Heidelberg, Deutschland, OFR

Roel Meihuizen, Deventer, Netherlands,

Irmen Küstermann, , ,

Vahida Mehinovic, Lidköping, Sweden,

Suad Mehinovic, Lidköping, Sweden,

S. Gunic, Banja Luka/Berlin, Germany,

xxxxxxxx, Borås, Sverige,

xxxxxxxx, Katrineholm, Sweden,

Selma Sejfovic, Pittsburgh, USA, Financial Accountant

Zahira, Abbotsford, Canada,

Torben Dwinger, Kiel, Germany, Student of Law ,

Lisa Groß, Berlin, Germany, Lisa Groß

xxxxxxxx, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faculty of Law, professor

Paul Conrad, Berlin, Germany, Student

Josi Wegert, Owschlag, Germany, Schueler helfen Leben, Aktive

Dzavid Sejfovic, Prishtina, Kosovo, FINCA International

xxxxxxxx, Hardegsen, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Germany,

Muniba Lojo, Vesteros, Sverige, Pensioner

Korinna Schultz, Berlin, Germany, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Student

Sedina Sarkotic, Nässjö, Sweden,

Anja Roehl, Marlow, Mecklenburg/Vorpommern, Vorsitzende Frauenladen Lisa Stralsund

xxxxxxxx, Karlsruhe, Germany, Student

Alma Okic, Mostar, Bosnia&Herzegovina,

Matthias Göbel, Berlin, Germany, Student

sophie groß, 10249 berlin, germany, student

Rotraut Janke-Saracevic, Heidenheim, Deutschland, Freie Übersetzerin

Jana Thies, Braunschweig, Deutschlad,

Adnan Trbonja, Atlanta, US, Engineer

Doris Wirth, Zürich, Schweiz,

Konstantinos Dagkos, Serres, Greece, Konstantinos Dagkos

Dario Bevilacqua, Rome, Italy, University of Rome - Researcher

Nils Olsson, Gothenburg, Sweden,

xxxxxxxx, Zürich, Schweiz,

Dino Sarac, Jakarta, Indonesia,

Alma Dizdarevic-Sarac, Jakarta, Indonesia,

xxxxxxxx, Vetlanda , Sweden, MP Bolagen AB

Omerinovic, Paderborn, Deutschland,

Uta Six, Owingen, Germany,

Mujo Metaj, halmstad, Sverige, pensioner

xxxxxxxx, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, OSCE

Peter Huber, Bern, Switzerland, Advisor, Federal Department of Economic Affairs

Dr. Monika Hauser, Cologne, Germany, medica mondiale e.V., executive member of the managing board

xxxxxxxx, Oslo, Norway, SAIH, advisor

xxxxxxxx, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Aida Londrc, , ,

Mirsad Doric, Boras, Sweden,

Lammel, Jens, Karlsruhe, Germany,

Elisabeth Flade, Tuzla, Bosnien-Herzegowina,

Volker Lindenthal, Freiburg, Deutschland, Bundesschatzmeister, Junge Europäische Föderalisten Deutschland e.V.

Dr. Joachim Eichler, Havixbeck, Germany, Sandsteinmuseum, Museumsleiter

Albina Redzepagic, New York, USA, Malcolm Pirnie- Engineer

Dimple Prem Vaswani, Ceuta, Spain,

Ana Lopez Vegas, Barcelona, Catalunya, daughter of Gaia

xxxxxxxx, Munich, Germany, Student

Hunsinger Lisa, Munich, Germany, Student

ROMINA BEQIRI, Lund, Sweden, Master Student in International Human Rights, Sweden

klaudio, shkoder, albania, klaudio

roni, shkoder, albania, firm

xxxxxxxx, Bern, Switzerland,

michael gross, zürich, switzerland, informatik

Manuel Daubenberger, München, Deutschland, Studente

Torsten Müller, München, Deutschland, Student

Roberta Weissman NAgy, pula, croatia, artist

arta, Shkoder, Albania, Teuleda- Administrator

xxxxxxxx, Worcester, United States,

Skerdilajd Olldashi, las cruces, usa,

xxxxxxxx, Zurich, Switzerland, SwissRe

Dr. Jelena Petrovic, Ljubljana, Slovenia, ISH, Ljubljana Graduate School of Humanities

Dr. Christian Gudehus, Essen, Deutschland, Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities

Edison Kutrolli, Elbasan, Albania, Student

Lulzim Krasniqi, Peja - Zürich, Kosovo - Switzerland, Swisscom

Nihada Delibegovic, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tuzla University

Haki, Ferizaj, Kosovo, kbr

Carole Hodge, Glasgow, Scotland,

Lukas Heinzer, Zürich, Schweiz, OHCHR, Associate Expert in Human Rights

Boris Mrkela, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Journalist, Center for Investigative Reporting

xxxxxxxx, elbasan, albania, cook

Alojz Peterle, Ljubljana, Slovenija, Member of the European Parliament

Marije Cornelissen, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Member of European Parliament, Green Group

Anita Maricic, Banja Luka, Bosna i Hercegovina, DE

xxxxxxxx, Austria, Bosna I hercegovina,

Fabio, Elbasan, Albania, Fabio

xxxxxxxx, Zürich, Switzerland,

xxxxxxxx, Slagelse, Denmark, Scandic A/S

Jenni Winterhagen, Bremen, Germany, University Bremen

Aida Alic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network

Gérald Kurth, Bern, Switzerland,

Zoran Thaler, Ljubljana, Slovenia, MEP

xxxxxxxx, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, PA, Société Générale Frankfurt

Dimitar Minchev, Frankfurt, Germany, SG CIB, Investment Banking

xxxxxxxx, Prishtina, Kosovo, Student at American University in Kosovo

Christopher Coakley, Brussels, UK, European Parliament Greens

Dijana Ferizovic, Brussels, Belgium, GOPA-Cartermill/Project Manager

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Deutschland, Journalistin

Rutger Nouwen, Leiden, Netherlands, Apple

Albert Gjoka, Tirana, Albania, Albertgjoka, deputy editor-in-chief \\"Albania\\" Newspaper

Elif Kayi, Nice, France, Journalist/Media analyst

Darien Rrushi, San Jose, Ca., USA,

Moses Dhramis, Canterbury, United Kingdom, University of Kent at Canterbury

Admir Bilca, Stockholm, Sweden, Admir Bilca

Mirzo dzumhur, Toronto, Canada, Thales

Altin Juncaj, Venice, Italy, Permasteelisa Group Tresurer

Adnan, Prijedor, BiH, Dr.

xxxxxxxx, São Paulo, Brazil, Art Director and Photographer

xxxxxxxx, Höganäs, Sweden,

Remzi Lani, Tirana, Albania, Journalist

Bakir Prlja, Malmö, Sverige,

xxxxxxxx, Sarajewo, Bosnien und Herzegowina, Übersetzerin

Izeta Wernitz, Halle(Saale), Germany, SPI, Projektkoordination

Klaudija Kovacevic, Hannover, Germany, Student

Arif Mesihovic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Epssa, Director

xxxxxxxx, Detroit, USA,

hiba celik, borås, sweden,

Kovacevic Tanja, Hannover, Germany, Student

Kate Holman, Brussels, belgium,

edvard hanssen, oslo, norway,

Skerdilajd Zaimi, Saranda , Albania , Gazeta \\"Libertas\\", Reporter

Anna Weber, Berlin, Germany, student

Moeen Raoof, London, United Kingdom, Humanitarian Aid

erta xhanari, tirana, albania,

Altin Cenaliu, Tirana, Albania, Altin Cenaliu/Air traffic controller

Martina Römmelt-Fella, Amorbach, Deutschland, Fella Maschinenbau GmbH/Prokuristin

Dr. Mechtild Gomolla, Müster, Deutschland, Universität Münster, Wissenschaftliche MItarbeiterin

frauke beer, München, Deutschland,

Amra Blanchett, Auckland, New Zealand, IT Consultant

Marin Turina, Berlin, Deutschland, Journalist und Drehbuchautor

Goran Gazic, Edinburgh, Scotland, Civil Engineer

Marcel Trachsler, Zürich, Switzerland, dipl. Geogr.

valerie hughes, dublin , Ireland,

Damir, Dublin, Ireland, Postgraduate Student

Gezim Krasniqi, Edinburgh, Scotland. UK, Reserach Fellow, University of Edinburgh

Maja Groeger, Blankenheim, Deutschland, Pädagogin

Lotta Groeger, Berlin, Germany, Student

xxxxxxxx, essen, Deutschland,

Jasmin Ademovic, London, United Kingdom, University of Sussex, International Criminal Law

Maja Sikuljak, Altusried, Germany, Student

Sonja Sikuljak-Jelic, Neu-Ulm, Germany,

Anadin Omerika, Düsseldorf, Deutschland, Student

xxxxxxxx, Dormagen, Deutschland, Lehrerin

Haris Catic, Wiernsheim, Deutschland,

Vanja Sikuljak, Stuttgart, Deutschland, Student

Helmut Nett, Blankenheim, Deutschland, Verkaufsleiter

christian kilchhofer, bern, switzerland, lawyer

Vildana Turkic, mostar, bosnia-herzegowina, student

Helena Ninkovic, Lüneburg, Germany, Student

xxxxxxxx, Lüneburg, Germany, Student

xxxxxxxx, Uelzen, Germany,

Dragana Cvetkovic, Benghazi, Libya, Nippon,Koei

Timo Langemeijer, Leiden, Netherlands, lawyer

Petrit Laurence, London, England, P Laurence

Olta Sula, Tirana, Albania,

xxxxxxxx, Tirana, Albania, Translator,

dimitra, rutherford, NJ, USA, dimitra

Besim Krasniqi, New York, New York,

enis, Rahovec, Kosova, ATC/Prishtina International Airport

Altin Zefi, Trento, Italia, Student

Ermir Ismaili, Chieti, Italy,

Denis Gjoni, Plano Texas, United States of America, Denis Gjoni - Ericsson Inc, Engineer (Albanian Citizen)

xxxxxxxx, shkoder, albania,

xxxxxxxx, NYC, Kosova, Filmmaker

Rezarta, Vlora, Albania, economist

Xhevi Hoxha, Tirana, Albania, Banking

klarita, Tirane / Albania , Student,

xxxxxxxx, Tirana, Albania, master of litterature

xxxxxxxx, Gjirokastra, Albania, Drejtore e ZRKKP Gjirokaster

Elsa, Brussels, Belgium, Elsa Kajo

xxxxxxxx, Tirana, Albania, Gazeta Intervista

valon, Prishtine, KOSOVE, MANAGER

xxxxxxxx, London, United Kingdom,

Viktor Hoxha, Tirane, ALBANIA, Student

Lorenc Koka, Athens, Greece, BestXpert Training

gerti, berat, albania, xxxxxx

Kozeta Islamaj, Tirana, Albania,

Dhimiter Lengu, Tirana, Albania, dhlengu

japochios,, greece,

xxxxxxxx, Rome, Italy, Enerjeta Ramo

xxxxxxxx, Tirana, Albania, Student

Ledio Carciu, Gramsh, Albania, Student

detjon gjocaj, athens, greece, dg

xxxxxxxx, Shijak, Albania, arjan guzina

xxxxxxxx, Windsor, Canada, Student

Kosovo, Pristina, Kosova, Albania

Elona, Tirana, Albania, Currently Student in UK. Master course at King\\'s College University.

Erion, Vlore, Albania , erion bilbili Nationa Health Service

Jolanda Dauti, Milano, Italy, Spital.

xxxxxxxx, , ,

xxxxxxxx, Tirana, Albania,

Elis Karriqi, Perrenjas, Albania, Informatic Student

Aurel Pepa, Tirana, Albania, Aurel Pepa, editor in chief \\"Metropol Sport\\"

Arjel Trajani, tirana, albania, arjel trajani

klodian Kola, Tirana, Albania,

Sokol Kosta, Fier, Albania, student

xxxxxxxx, shkoder, albania, odeta shpuza

Marsida, Tirana, Albania, Student

kleidi, padova, italy, kleidi islami

xxxxxxxx, London, United Kingdom,

Odeta, Kucove, Albania, Italian teacher

xxxxxxxx, Tirana, Albania, Legolas

Antonela Melanori, Shkoder, Albania, Careers Adviser

Ela Hasani, Tirana, Albania, pcb


Ermira Kollarja, Bracknell, United kingdom, MA Student

xxxxxxxx, elbasan, elbasan, gooo

nertila, tirana, albania, nertila vata

Gledis, Tirana, Albania, journalist

Alban, Prishtina, Kosovo,

Erlinda, Tirana, Albania, Student

xxxxxxxx, Milan, Italy,

saimir, Tirana, Albania, lawyer

xxxxxxxx, tirana, albania, regis canameri

FATMIR KAJTAZI, Tirana , Albania, intelektual

Ermal Hysi, Milano, Italy, Computer Scientist

xxxxxxxx, gramsh, albania, olsi

Zrno, Konstanz, Deutschland, Wäschetruhe

xxxxxxxx, London, UK, Dr/ass Metropolitan University

Admir, Ferizaj, Kosovë, Student

bukuroshi, , ,

ervis azizi, milano, italia, ervis azizi

xxxxxxxx, Milano, Italy, Suel Cala

Klevis Cela, Tirana, Albania, klevis cela

Erion, Durres, Albania,

Kujtim Urovi, Shkoder, Albania, Inginier

Maurice Lazar, Paris, France, Association Sarajevo

Patrick E. Cooley, Port Coquitlam, Canada, Concerned Citizen

Saimir Zazani, Tirana, Albania,

Elvir Salcin Stilinovic, Stuttgart, Germany, Student

xxxxxxxx, Erfurt, Germany, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Iris Hodzic, Munich, D,

Dr. Harald Herrmann, Vienna, Austria, TARMIS, Consultant

Andrea Schorr, Weisendorf, Germany, Andrea Schorr, citizen

Brckalo Stevan, Marburg, Germany, Student

Kirsten Ahrens, Marburg, Germany, teacher

Albert Bruns, Recke i.w., Deutschland, Kaufmann bhs baubetrieb

Brenda Annerl, Vienna, Austria,

adrian sulo, padova, italy,

Ulli Jamitzky, Osnabrück, Germany, Student

Andrea Mädler, Heidelberg, Germany, Lawyer

xxxxxxxx, amsterdam, The Netherlands, visual artist

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Germany,

Christoph Spieker, Marburg, Deutschland, Akademiker

Tobias Nolte, Marburg, Deutschland, CZ Maschine

Claudia Ahrens, Wuerzburg, Deutscland, Student

scherpereel jekke, mostar, bosnia and herzegovina,

Jörg Heeskens, Subotica, Serbien, Wirtschaftsberater der Stadt Subotica

xxxxxxxx, durres, ALBANIA, PESPA FINANCE

xxxxxxxx, durres, ALBANIA, SIAC MENAXHIM

Visar Azemi, Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo, University of Maryland University College/Faculty

Karolina Siraki, Washington, DC, USA, CSIS

Andreas Gude, Frankfurt, Germany,

Atdhe Lumezi, Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo, Central Texas College/Field Representative

Flamur Gruda, victoria, canada, camosun college

Miralem Prijic, Albany, USA, University at Albany, student

Mirela Kacevac, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Fin.Management Specialist

damir, derventa, bosnia and herzegovina,

Kristoffer Hecquet, Aarhus, Denmark, Managing director at Balkangruppen

Michael Engeler, Meppen, Deutschland, Privat

Alma Engeler, Meppen, Deutschland, Privat

Edita, , Germany, Student

Søren Winther Lundby, Århus, Denmark, Managing director

E. S., Munich, Germany, Project Manager

Philipp Kiencke, Kiel, Germany, Schüler Helfen Leben

patricia, copenhagen, danmark,

Mustafic, Köln, Germany,

Mikkel Zwergius Christensen, København V, Denmark,

Michael B. Lauritsen, Copenhagen, Denmark, cand.mag.

xxxxxxxx, Lisbon, Portugal, Student

xxxxxxxx, Freiburg, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Vienna, Austria, Student

Jasmina Kazazić, Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina, Artist

Ivette Löcker, Berlin, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, supervizor of education

ben, london, negland, yes

xxxxxxxx, Stuttgart, Deutschland, NEXUS AG / Projektmanager

Sajn Sarah, Strasbourg, France, Institute of Political Science, Strasbourg

Marc Capelle, Lille, France, High School of Journalism / managing director

xxxxxxxx, Hamburg, Deutschland,

Alexandra Heigl-Pezerovic, Ankara, Türkei,

Marijana Lucic, Frankfurt am Main, Germany,

Andreas Felix, Köln, Deutschland,

Asim Gashi, Tirane, Albania, Computer system analyser

Maria Fichte, Cologne, Germany,

Alexandra Kadinopoulos, Thessaloniki, Greece, Art Teacher

Nadine Czubatynski, Freiburg, Germany,

Dominik Tolksdorf, Munich, Germany, Researcher

Naim Haliti, Dublin, Ireland,

Karmen Media-Velagic, Wiesbaden, Deutschland, Schriftstellerin

xxxxxxxx, klagenfurt, austria,

Dorit Riethmüller, Dresden, Germany, social worker

Bariu ZENELAJ, Prizren, Republic of Kosovo, Eurpean Integration Resource Center - Manager

xxxxxxxx, Prizren, Kosovo, ICEC

remzi gashi, Prizren, Republik of Kosova, Grapchiker

Uwe Michel, Berlin, Germany, Librarian

Erkan Vardari, Prizren, Republic of Kosovo, ATTA Manager

xxxxxxxx, Prizren, Kosovo, student

Selma Merdan, Zurich, Switzerland, Student, University of St.Gallen

Thomas Dapper, Köln, Deutschland, Filmemacher

Alma, Kaiserslautern, Deutschland, privat

Mustic, Ademir, Düsseldorf, Deutschland, Hays Temp GmbH / Key Account Management

Joana, Vlora, Albania, UPT Student

Kreshnike Mehmetaj M.A., Aachen, Germany,

greta iljazi, tirane, shqiperi, iljazigreta

Hysnije, Prizren, Kosova, Prof. e gj. Gjermane

xxxxxxxx, gelsenkirchen, deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, karsruhe, germany,

Xhon Vrushi, Fier, Albania, xhon vrushi

Franziska, Halle (Saale), Germany, Studentin

Irvi Hyka, Durrës, Albania, IHyka

Robert Jay Cook, Boston/Berlin, USA/Germany, Balkans Analyst

xxxxxxxx, Halle, Germany, Student

Luljeta Demolli, Prishtina, Kosovo, KGSC

Jürgen Beesch, Schramberg, Deutschland,

Andrea Gebhardt, Bonn, Deutschland, Politikwissenschaftlerin

Henriette Jankow, Berlin, Germany, MA student

Karolina Babic, München, Deutschland,

Irma Blazevic, Tübingen, Deutschland, Studentin der Rechtswissenschaft

Omer Mesihovic, Albany, California, USA,

Bosiljka Mesihovic, Albany, California, USA,

Amir Omerovic, Bremen, Deutschland, Künstler

Rauchfuss Susanne, Schwabach, Deutschland,

Adela Halo, Tirana, Albania, AIIS, Researcher

Falk Gnauck, Dresden, Germany, Executive Chef

Jasmina Hostert, Bonn, Deutschland, Uni Bonn

Perica Dugalic, sarajevo, Bosnia,

Mehmet Muderrisoglu, Ankara, Turkey, PhD Candidate School of Public Policy / University College London

senada, strasbourg, france, student

xxxxxxxx, Birmingham, UK,

sm.minhaz, dhaka, bangladesh, Impoet&export

Rudi Guraziu, London, UK, Consultan on Southeast European Affairs

xxxxxxxx, Brisbane. QLD., Australia, Bachelor of Nursing

Kalandyk Sebastian, Berlin, Deutschland, Student

Miona Bogovic, Berlin, Deutschland, Studentin

Enida Mesic, Gracanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

xxxxxxxx, Cologne, Germany, Politologin

kühn jasmina, berlin, deutschland,

Jasmin Buljubasic, berlin, germany, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

Christian Wüstenberg, Soltau, Deutschland, DRK-Migrationsberater

Amela Kisija-Wüstenberg, Soltau, Deutschland,

xxxxxxxx, Köln, Germany,

Karl Steinbacher, vienna, Austria, journalist

xxxxxxxx, Berlin, Germany , Studentin, Freie Universität Berlin

Nurdan Erkmen, Berlin, Deutschland, Verlegerin

Hadziric, Mainz, Germany,

Jasminko Mašić, München, Germany, Architect

Lejla Karovic-Kersting, Freiburg, Deutschland,

Alexander Kittel, 83324 Ruhpolding, Germany, medical doctor

Dr. Azra Maslesa-Kittel, 83324 Ruhpolding, Germany, psychiatrist

Ali Cej, Ulm, Germany, Arzt

Shpend Tahirsylaj, Munich, Germany,

Samir Adanalic, Bergisch Gladbach, Deutschland, Handelsagentur , Inhaber

Muhamer Ibrahimi, Prishtinë, Republika e Kosoves, Design House, Manager

Mevlit Murati, Philippsburg, Deutschland, Dipl.-Ing

Elvir Murati, Mannheim, Deutschland, Dipl.-Ing.

Cehic Azra, Wien, Austria, Student

Zeise, Brigitte, Ulm, Germany,

Besim Berisha, Heidelberg, Germany,

agim, heidelberg, Deutschland,

Bekim Blakaj, Pristina, Kosovo, Head of HLC Kosovo

Seherzad Seki Cirkin, Ljubljana, Slovenija,

emir zukic, sarajevo, Republika Bosna i Hercegovina, Tehnicar

Edina Bilajac, Helsinki, Finland,

Severin Dimic, Coburg, Germany, Master of economics

Vildana Kalčo, Vitez, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

xxxxxxxx, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Student

Mario, Lukavac, Bosnia, Student

Amer Mujan, Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina, BH Posta

xxxxxxxx, Novi Sad, Serbia, Student

Fatima Berilo, Revere, Usa,

Tanja Zubcevic Aleckovic, surahammar, sveden,

Dujkovic Milena, Belgrade, Serbia, Stomatologist

Beppe Cuoco, Torino, Italy, Attorney

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, BiH,

xxxxxxxx, , Serbia,

Haris Ibrahimovic, Frankfurt / Gracanica, Deutschland / BiH, Nasa Stranka

Nada Strepacki, Brcko Distrikt, Bosna i Hercegovina,

Nihada Music, Sarajevo, BiH,

Kemal Gokovic, Schwertberg, Österreich, Falkner Armaturenvertriebs GmbH; Sales Manager

Nataša Bek, Osijek, Croatia, teacher

xxxxxxxx, bosna i hercegovina, , oš Trestenica

xxxxxxxx, Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Marijana Macis

Franziska Roeder, Berlin, Deutschland,

Mirsad Bajramovic, , The Netherlands,

Stefan Krause, Hannover, Deutschland, Pastor

Kristian Dizdar, Doboj, BiH,

xxxxxxxx, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, JWT- Account Manager

Zakariás Manja, Leipzig, Germany,

Sabahudin Avdovic, Wiesbaden, Deutschland,

Senad Hamzic, Vienna, Austria, Firm owner

Wiebke Söhrens, Aberystwyth, UK, Student

Elvir Topic, Graz, Austria, Technischer Einkauf

Dzenis Borovina, vienna, Austria, Student

Elvedina Mrkic, Graz, Austria, Student

Dzenita Ibric-Noppenberger, Mannheim, BRD,

Marcus Strobel, Konstanz, Deutschland, STRORI

Arzuman Orhan, Vienna, Austria, Student

GRITSCH Günther, Baden, Österreich,

Begic Sadzida, Stuttgart, Deutschland,

Cornelia Franke, Leipzig, Deutschland, Freiberuflich

aida, Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina, student

Sebastian Hennig, Münster, Germany, Student

María Bermejo, Paderborn, Deutschland, Spanisch Dozentin

Dr. Sakir Mutevelic, Vienna, Austria,

Wolfgang Bocian, Weilburg, Deutschland,

Manohar Kuse, Mumbai, India, Student

xxxxxxxx, gaza, palestine, alander

Peter Jesch, Berlin, Germany,

h.j.v.thuelen, bonn, germany, malteser

Ana Omaljev, London, UK, PhD Candidate, University of Reading

Heather McRobie, London, United Kingdom, PhD Candidate Oxford University

alihodzic, Mainz, Deutschland, Entwicklungsingenieur

John Richardson, Federal Way, Washington USA, Business Owner

Agovic Fuad, Esch/s Alzette, Luxembourg, Prof. Francuskog jesika. universitet Luxembourga

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