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Balkan Insight: MEPs back Bosnia, Albania for Visa Liberalisation
Read this article: MEPs back Bosnia and Albania

European Parliament: Albania and Bosnia must catch up on reform to qualify for short-stay visa waiver, say MEPs
Read this article: EP: BiH, Albania onto \”White List\”

Balkan Insight: EC Urged to Expand Visa-Free Scheme
Read this article: Important Shift in European Approach to Visa Liberalization

Balkan Insight: European Parliament wants Expansion of Visa Scheme
Read this article: Debate in the European Parliament

European Voice: Corazza Bildt supports Commission
MEPs have strongly criticised the European Commission’s decision not to include Bosnia and Herzegovina in its proposal for abolishing visa requirements for the countries of the western Balkans. Among the few MEPs to defend the Commission was Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, the wife of Sweden’s foreign minister Carl, who served as the international community’s high representative in Bosnia from late 1995 to mid-1997.
Read this article: Critics and Support for the Commission

Balkan Insight: Visa-Free Plan for Balkans Criticized
Read this article: Europe-wide Visa-Petition

European Parliament: MEPs scrutinise planned changes to Balkans visa rules
Read this article: MEPs, EP Session, September 2009

Bosnia Daily: EC’s New Visa Regime Will Strengthen Ethnic Separation in Bosnia

According to the European Commission’s draft recommendation, Bosnia does not meet al “technical” requirements. This argument is shallow.
Read this article: Tobias Heider 100709

Atlantic Community: Is the EU Suffering From ‘Visa Liberalization Fatigue’?

The EU seems to have made its political decision as far as visa liberalization for the West Balkans is concerned. However, by excluding the two nations who have suffered the most during the conflict it risks stability in the region.

Read this article:’Visa_Liberalization_Fatigue’%3F

Wien International: EU - dispute over visa-free travel for three Balkan countries

The European Commission is planning in January 2010 to lift visa requirements for nationals of Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro wishing to enter the EU. The citizens of Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo are unhappy that they will still require visas after this date.
Read this article:

OSLOBOĐENJE BiH: Interview and ackonwledgment of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Hercegovina

Read this article:

European Voice: Visa decison was a terrible miscalculation

Read this article: Damir Arsinijevic

Balkan Insight: Winners, Losers and the Future of the Balkan Visa Ghetto

Europe’s decision to grant three Balkan countries visa-free travel is good news, but incomplete. The reforms in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina must be acknowledged, and the provisions for Kosovo completely changed, if EU credibility is not to be lost.

Balkan Insight: EU Visa Plan Leaves Bosnia ‘Isolated’

Bosnian and many European officials have condemned the European Commission’s proposed visa-liberalization plan for the Balkans as discriminatory against Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) and potentially destabilizing for entire region.
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Deutsche Welle: EU opens borders to some Balkan states – but not all

European Voice: A passport to division

If approved, the European Commission’s new visa regime would deepen the ethnic divide in Bosnia.

EU Observer: Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro offered EU visa-free travel

Read this article:

Radio Free Europe: EU Opens Borders For Some Western Balkan Travelers

Read this article:

reuters: EU plans to drop visas for three Balkan states

Read this article:

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